About Us

Poplars Farm was bought by Mr and Mrs Warrington in 1979 as a base for their daughter Mandy to further her career as a riding instructor. Over the years Mandy and her family have built the centre to become one of the most reputable in the area. Mandy had a passion for riding as a child and was fortunate enough to have her own ponies. She was a keen show jumper and progressed through the ranks from ponies to horses and competed successfully with her best horse Merry-Go-Round. Mandy gained her teaching qualifications, under Sue Snow at Field House Equestrian, where she became a BHS AI before leaving to start up her own riding school.

During the early years here at Poplars Mandy met her husband Chris, who also works on the farm, and they had two daughters Philippa and Francesca. Mandy then started to live her passion for horses through her daughters, who both competed from a very young age. Both girls were successful in the showing world for many years, their most famous pony being Barkway Honey Bee (Beebee). Together they won many prestigious competitions and BeeBee gave them both the first of many rides at the Horse of the Year Show.

Philippa (Pip) currently works full time as a riding instructor alongside her mum here at Poplars. Having graduated with a first class honours degree in law; she followed her heart and her love of horses and joined her mother at the riding school and is also a qualified riding instructor having recently obtained her BHS II. While predominantly teaching here at Poplars, Pip also does freelance teaching and schooling for people with their own horses. In addition, Pip has returned to competition after a seven year break, successfully eventing with two of the horses used in the riding school over the 2013 summer period right up to this day only taking a small break to bring her daughter Bonnie in to the world who is already loving life in the saddle and will most likely follow in her mums footsteps.

Francesca (Chez) also works part time at the riding school, she is a BHS Stage 1 and has now completed her Masters Degree in History. Chez has always competed her horses and ponies after being introduced by her mother, and recently joined Pip in the eventing world on her working hunter horse, Freddie In Clover.

Alex Barker Alex is the newest member of the teaching staff here at Poplars however she has been riding at the school for as long as she can remember. Alex is a qualified BHS PT instructor and is working towards her further qualifications which she looks to complete later this year. A pleasant, hardworking and valued member of staff Alex has the same passion for horses and more particularly the Poplars Farm Horses as Mandy and her daughters, Pip and Chez, which makes her a great addition to the team.

About Us