Our Lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner, a novice rider looking to improve your ability or an experienced rider aspiring towads your BHS exams, we are the centre for you. We have a variety of horses and ponies to suit all riders and friendy, knowledgeable instructors to help imrpove your riding capability.

We are a BHS (British Horse Society) approved riding school. The BHS are committed to promoting through it's approval scheme, the highest standards of equine welfare, equestrianism and customer service at riding schools. Approved establishments such as ourselves must have horse and pony welfare along with client safety and satisfaction as priorities.


We offer group lessons, all of which are standardised; the initial beginner lessons are 30minute sessions, and aim to teach riders how to communicate the basic aids and how to walk, trot and canter on a safe, straightforward horse or pony. Children from the age of 4 can take part in our beginner classes.

From here riders progress to our longer group lessons, whey they are required to ride more independently and begin to tackle small jumps. We also offer shared lessons (semi private) for a smaller number of riders allowing for more individual rider training and focus and then completely priavte lessons for one 2 one training. Please see below for lesson prices.


Poplars Farm Cancellation Policy

As of 1st December 2022 any cancellations made ON THE DAY of your lesson with incure a 50% cancellation charge payable the next time you ride. Lessons cancelled well in advance of the day with continue not incurring a charge. Any lessons cancelled by Poplars Farm for example in adverse weather or unsafe conditions will also not be chargeable. We are sorry for any inconvenienece this may cause.

Below prices effective from March 2022


Group Lessons

1/2 hour - £15.00 | 45 mins - £18.00 | 1 Hour - £22.00

Jumping Lesson

Shared Lessons with Stage 2/3 Coach

1/2 hour 2 Riders - £18.00

45 Mins 2 Riders - £23.00

1/2 hour 3 Riders - £17.00

45 Mins 3 Riders - £21.00

1/2 hour 4 Riders - £16.00

45 Mins 4 Riders - £19.00

Jumping Lesson

Shared Lessons with Stage 4/5 Coach

1/2 hour 2 Riders - £19.00

45 Mins 2 Riders - £25.00

1/2 hour 3 Riders - £18.00

45 Mins 3 Riders - £23.00

1/2 hour 4 Riders - £17.00

45 Mins 4 Riders - £21.00

Jumping Lesson

Private Lessons

1/2 hour with BHS Stage 2/3 Coach - £25.00

45 Mins with BHS Stage 2/3 Coach - £32.00

1/2 hour with BHS Stage 4/5 Coach - £28.00

45 Mins with BHS Stage 4/5 Coach - £35.00


Jumping Lesson


In addition to our lessons we also offer hacking, which allows people to have a change of scenery from the arena. Hacks run for an hour or 2hours and include a combination of roadwork and bridle paths.

1 hour £24.00 per person

2 hours or more £37.00 per person


Jumping Lesson

Riding Days

Riding days take place in the school holidays where children enjoy a day at the stables. They include an hour's riding lesson, children learn how to carry out various stable management activities and compete in a fun gymkhana where they will win a rosette to take home! They run from 9:15am - 3:15am dates to be confirmed by the stables please enquire via email to find out about our next planned riding day.

£40.00 per person.